How Luxury Weddings in  Rishikesh look


A Marriage is the holy union of two people and Luxury weddings in Rishikesh near Ganga will make it more holy. Depending on culture, ethnicity, religion, country, and social class, wedding traditions and customs differ greatly. Antalya Hotels provide facilities for all types of rituals and ceremonies such as music, poetry, prayers, or readings from religious texts or literature, as well as superstitious customs. Depending on the region, denomination, and community, wedding celebrations can last several days. In the Mehendi ceremony we can provide you with organic fresh Mehendi and a professional Mehendi artist for your best look also we provide you with the best-decorated stage for bride and groom so they can garland each other. There is also a hall separated for saat phere, the bride and groom, hand-in-hand, will encircle the sacred fire seven times, where each circle representing a matrimonial vow. 



Wedding in Antalya hotelsFacilities you will get when you are having Luxury Weddings in  Rishikesh with Antalya hotels.

  • Wedding Organizers in Antalya offer Grooming and bridal tips for every groom and bride so that they can look more beautiful and special on their special day.
  • We provide you hall for Bachelor parties where you can enjoy the last day of bachelor life with your loved ones, Here we welcome your friends or guests with drinks, luxury cuisine, and many more.
  • As a bride, it is quite important to take care of your skin days before the wedding so our beautician offers you the best skin care with fresh organic ingredients.
  • Our restaurant Las Brisas offers delicious luxury meals for your guest, they will love to enjoy the food with a view of nature, and your guest will get a huge variety of unique cuisine when they will enjoy the wedding in Antalya hotels.
  • We will decorate all areas such as the stage, sitting area, and furniture according to your chosen theme and your guest will feel like they are at the royal wedding.


How we will make your wedding day extra special while having Luxury Weddings in Rishikesh.

luxury wedding in Rishikesh


Antalya Hotel near Ganga can be the perfect venue for your luxury weddings in Rishikesh, from rehearsal and ceremony to the reception and accommodations. Antalya’s luxury wedding is high quality, top of the line, and most definitely worth every penny. A technique to accomplish this wedding is often by rigorously assessing the luxury wedding parts you decide on for your special occasion. Also, we offer you live singing facilities that your guest will truly love and will enjoy it. We also give the best catering service that will make your guest feel like they are at a royal wedding and all these things will make special your day more special. Antalya hotels can be the best option for a destination wedding for you, Having a Luxury wedding in Antalya hotel will be your one of the best-celebrated moments with your loved ones.

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