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People who go to Rishikesh for adventurous activities, traveling, exploring, and camping for days or weeks want a luxury resort in Rishikesh to feel the luxurious experience. In winter all the hills areas are like heaven. Rishikesh is part of Uttarakhand known as Dev-Bhoomi. Here cold atmosphere with pure oxygen and the beautiful sound of flowing rivers will heal your soul. Winter is one of the best seasons to visit hill stations. If we talk about summer, you may do many adventurous activities like paragliding, river rafting, etc.  If you go to any available place in Rishikesh, you may feel the environment, that squiggly roads. On one side of the road, mountains are moving with us and on the other side there is a flowing river’s burbling sound. There are many adventurous activities to do like River rafting, bungee jumping, paragliding, etc. That makes your life adventurous. 



 Services at this luxury resort in Rishikesh


luxury resort in Rishikesh


Maintain Regular sanitization and maintain hygiene of the rooms, hotel, lawns, sitting area, restaurants, etc, Availability of breakfast, lunch, and dinner at the doorstep of your luxury room and a large restaurant with space of 150-200 people at a time. Different varieties of food like; Chinese, Indian, continental, etc. And the beautiful view from the private balcony with the burbling sound of the river with healing soul vibes. Anyone who wants a room in a luxury resort in Rishikesh at the center of the city to travel to Rishikesh for a relaxing and luxurious experience. if you are tired from the day-to-day rush in life then you need facilities to calm down your body and do yoga at the center of yoga, Rishikesh. for a fit and healthy life.






The Royal experience in Rishikesh with us

luxury resort


RISHIKESH presents the most luxurious resort, Antalya Hotels. This is located near Laxman Jhula and 5 km away from the center of the city of Rishikesh. It has a large restaurant with a capacity of 120-130 people at a time. Antalya Hotels have a mesmerizing view that connects with your soul it is the best riverside resort in Rishikesh. We have unique things which make our hotel more specious, In Antalya, the staff members offer grooming and beauty tips to grooms and brides to look more beautiful and attractive at their weddings. And our restaurant gives you delicious meals with a view of nature. Decorate all areas such as the sitting area, stage, party hall, and furniture as your chosen theme so your guests feel like they are at a royal wedding. All these facilities make Antalya hotels the most luxury resort in Rishikesh.



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