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Facing trouble in finding the best place to stay in Rishikesh, Antalya hotels should be your first choice to spend your time in the best hotel in Rishikesh. Rishikesh is one of the most beautiful tourist places. Rishikesh also spelled as Hrishikesh, is found within the foothills of the chain of mountains in northern Asian nations, it’s referred to as the “Yoga Capital of the World” it’s also called the journeying city and considered one among the holiest places for Hindus. Rishikesh is currently one of the highest places for spending precious time with your loved ones. Antalya hotel best place to stay in Rishikesh, it’s famous for its best hotel service and viewpoint, it is located in Tapovan 5 km from the city center, 5 minutes away from Lakshman Jhula, and a 40-minute drive from Jolly grant airport. Antalya is not just a normal classic hotel but a luxurious hotel where everything you find in its best way.


Why we are the Best Hotel in Rishikesh near Laxman jhula


Things that make Antalya the best place to stay in Rishikesh


Best place to stay in Rishikesh

  • Free Wifi: Here you will get free wifi access with the high-speed network you can do all the stuff whether it is office work or any other activity.
  • Mind refreshing: A cool breeze coming from the mountains can naturally increase endorphins leading to more energy and reduced stress.
  • Comfortable furniture: A comfortable bed helps you to get a good sleep so that the next day you can feel refreshed and enjoy your day with the fullest joy.
  • A luxury hygienic meal: Antalya hotels are the luxury hotels in Rishikesh. Everything in our hotel is luxurious whether it’s their furniture or service or their food. It offers you a connection between each dish, pulling from the town of Rishikesh, every type of cuisine here is made from fresh ingredients with full hygiene care. 
  • Parking: A huge area is reserved for parking for all types of vehicles with the protection of security guards and CCTV surveillance. 
  • Wellness: Spa and Yoga are available here for your stress relief, wellness and to refresh your mind.


What makes Antalya hotel different from other Hotels?


luxury hotels in Rishikesh

Pet-friendly hotel: Antalya Hotel is the best hotel in Rishikesh near Laxman Jhula, It’s an ideal destination for you and your pet. This place is far from the day-to-day rush and is less crowded. Your pet will love this peaceful place. And what’s better? The hotel offers customized food for your lovely pets. So, stay here and have a great holiday with your furry family member.


Luxury wedding: Make your wedding extra special with Antalya hotels. A wedding is the starting of a new love life, make your wedding a most memorable moment and get the help of our wedding planner. You and your lovely guest will love the decoration and luxury cuisine and also the majestic view of the river Ganga flowing From the mountains. we offer you the best service in Rishikesh that’s why Antalya hotels count in the list of the best luxury hotels in Rishikesh.

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