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There are many places to visit in Uttarakhand, but it is very hard to find the best Luxury hotel of Rishikesh with a view of the river Ganga. A view from your resort’s balcony fully mesmerizes you with the majestic sound of the holy Ganga. And you can see the Himalayan ranges that feel like they are touching the blue sky which is enough to make your trip memorable. Antalya hotels is one of the best riverside resorts in Rishikesh because of its location. And the view you will get is an open setting to connect with nature and they have a yoga place that helps to balance your mind and body. Our hotel is lavished with greenery and mountains which can help you to relax and to refresh your mind. 




Things to do in this best luxury Hotel of Rishikesh


best luxury hotels of Rishikesh.


Our hotel has its own parking space so if you want to travel by car our hotel solves your parking problem. The nearest city is about (5km) if you want to wander the city but want to stay in the hilly station you can choose the best luxury hotel of Rishikesh. Our resort has more stuff to do like it has a football table, pool, and many other indoor games. Our priority is your safety that’s why we do regular sensitization & maintained hygiene. We check every parameter to make your trip memorable. In addition, we also regulate other activities like yoga, sound healing, massage, and therapies. Only our Restaurant has its dining place with 120 sitting spaces and our remarkable ambiance that helps to make your special day more memorable. From luxury rooms to grand weddings, mindful-fitness in-house activities. With the amalgamation of the natural color, you can feel heaven.







Why Antalya is the best riverside resort in Rishikesh 

best luxury hotels of Rishikesh near laxman jhula


We try our best to serve you, and the luxury party and balcony sightseeing is also available the diversity in the availability of their rooms. Our service, staff, and delicious food are unmatchable that’s why Antalya hotels is one the best luxury Hotel of Rishikesh. If you travel frequently or you stay long in a resort or hotel then our budget-friendly resort resolves and we design our package for the people like you. You can enjoy the majestic sound of the holy Ganga until you want to stay.


Features you will love when staying at this best Luxury Hotel of Rishikesh –

– Follow all covid protocols

– Best view from the resort balcony

– Beautiful ambiance, good service

– Good staff & maintenance hygiene 

– Pet-friendly area 

– Open sitting place

– Value for money

– A luxury wedding with a royal place to feel extra

– Heal your mind body & soul with Antalya hotel

– 20km away from the jolly airport

– Make your trip memorable 

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