Fine Dining That Is Refined Yet Playful

Las Brisas

Where no craving is left unattended to.
The restaurant is an organic space offering home-cooked and safe meals. 

At Las Brisas, we make sure to use industrially purified water for cooking and cleaning utensils. The interplay of textures and flavors brings life and a vibrance that embraces the restaurant’s place on the banks of the Ganges. The concept of our restaurant is to bring organic ingredients to the table, from your favorites to those rare varieties that you don’t see every day. Our locally produced natural dairy products come every morning to ensure that we serve you the freshest of ingredients. We also care for your wellbeing which is why after each meal, our Kitchen goes through a deep scrubbing and cleaning. More than a succession of plates, we offer you an experience, a connection between each dish, pulling from the town of Rishikesh.


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